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The Romanian Film Promotion Association is the founder of the Romanian film industry Awards - The GOPOS. Supported by the Romanian Film Centre and Babel Communications, this annual event is meant to reward the best Romanian contemporary filmmakers, as well as to pay a tribute to domestic film industry legends.


GOPO Awards 2011 

Rules and Regulations

Gopo Awards (named in honor of Romanian film director Ion Popescu-Gopo), is an annual event similar to the Academy Awards (U.S.A.), the Goya Awards (Spain), or the César Award (France). They are presented by Romanian Film Promotion and honor the best Romanian cinematic achievements of the previous year. 

Article 1

Nominations for all categories will be established by a jury chosen by RFP and comprised of 11 members (film critics, filmmakers). The official nominations announcement will be made one month before the Gala.

Article 2

Prize Categories

• Best feature film

• Best director (feature film)

• Best script (narrative feature)

• Best actor in a leading role (narrative feature)

• Best actress in a leading role (narrative feature)

• Best actor in supporting role (narrative feature)

• Best actress in supporting role (narrative feature)

• Best original music score (narrative feature)

• Best cinematography (narrative feature)

• Best film editing (narrative feature)

• Best sound (narrative feature)

• Best production design (narrative feature)

• Best costume design (narrative feature)

• Best make up and hair (narrative feature)

• Best narrative feature debut

• Best documentary

• Best short film

• Hope Award for Young Achiever

• Public Choice Award (for the highest grossing Romanian film)

• Best European Film (european films screened in Romania in 2010)

• Life achievement  Award

• Career Award

• Special prize

Article 3

1. For each category, there will be 5 nominations (the jury can decide in special occasions a lower number of nominations, but no less than 3).

2. The films eligible for nominations are Romanian productions or co-productions with major Romanian support (financial, technical or artistic) as referred to in the Law of cinematography.

3. Feature film reffers to narrative films and documentaries which were released theatrically in Romania during January 1st- December 31, 2010 and were screened for at least 1 week. 

4. Romanian documentaries produced last year or 2 years ago, that haven’t been released theatrically, but were shown on TV or screened in national and international film festivals are eligible for nominations only for Best Documentary category. TV coverages do not qualify  for this category.

5. Best Short Film category includes all Romanian productions that have a running time of less than 60 minutes and were produced last year or two years ago. Films presented in national and international film festivals or released theatrically/TV during last year qualify for this category.

6. For categories which include rewarding an individual, there will be taken into consideration only those achivements in feature films considered eligible as described in paragraph 3.

7. During a category, an individual can be nominated only once.

8. For Best European Film Award, are taken into consideration all European productions released theatrically in Romania.

Article 4

1. Except for Lifetime Achievement Award, Career Award, Special Prize, and Public Choice Award, the winners of all categories, included in the nominations, will be voted by filmamakers and professionals from the film industry. Romanian filmmakers will have the chance of voting for their favorites, online or by post, thanks to a voting system created by the global professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers,  

2. The vote counting will be ensured by the global professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, which will reveal the results on the award ceremony night.

3. Romanian Film Promotion can withdraw the right of voting for those filmmakers who, during the last three editions didn’t express their preferences although they have committed to do so.

4. If two nominations receive the same number of votes at the same category, the winner will be declared by revealing the secret vote expressed by the members of the Jury during the selection of the nominations.

Article 5

For the 2011 Gopo Awards nominations, Romanian Film Promotion will put at the jury’s disposal the full list of the films eligible for all categories, together with the DVD screeners of the films.  

Article 6

1. An actor/actress can be nominated for Best actor/actress/ in a leading/supportive role category and is also eligible for the Hope Award for young achiever.

2. An actor/actress can be nominated both for his/hers leading/supporting roles but in different films. If an actor/filmmaker receives during the same category nominations for his/her achievements in different films, there will be selected the creation that had the highest number of votes during that category.

3. During Best sound award category, there can be eligible at most 5 technicians/film, the following must exist among the nominated: soundtrack composer, sound editor, sound mixer composer.

4. Films nominated for Best narrative feature debut may qualify for all the other categories which include feature films.

5. First time feature directors are not eligible for Hope Award for young achiever

Article 7

Each individual registered in the credits list for an awarded category will receive a trophy.  

Article 8

The award for Best Feature Film will be handed to the Delegate Producer. Best Short Film Award and Best Documentary Award will be handed to both the producer and director.

Article 9

1. DVD screeners will be made for the films nominated for Best Documentary and Best Short Film Award, and also for the categories that include feature films (Depending on the producers consent regarding the DVD copy of their films). Each DVD will be protected against piracy. A text watermark Only for 2011 Gopo Awards will appear every ten minutes

2. If producers do not consent to show their films nominated for Best feature Film on DVD, a screening session will be organized for the voters.